Ti6300 Multifunctional Titanium Cooker  

SS304 / Titanium、Silicone、SS304
6.2 × 4.6 × 4.3 in │ 158 × 118 × 108 mm
Max Capacity: 30.4 fl oz │ 900 ml
9 oz │ 256 g
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多功能钛煮饭器Multifunctional Titanium Cooker





Keith Titanium Ultra-light Multifunctional Cooker is made of pure titanium. Its creative nesting double-pot structure seals the 105°C multi-flow steam circulating inside, heating through every piece of the rice evenly and thoroughly, resulting in tender, soft rice full of aroma every time in the backcountry.

1. The fully cooked entrée is left in the inner pot, completely separated from the outer pot, which can be used immediately as an independent pot for soup, or any other food.

2. The steam holes pattern on the inner pot is based on repeated field tests on varying high altitude regions, which contribute strength to maximize the fuel efficiency and minimize the cooking time.

3. There are three rice amount indicators on the inner pot and each of them are matched by a water level indicator individually.  This user-friendly design guarantee that even a beginner is able to easily cook perfect rice in the backcountry following the very straightforward instruction.

4. Titanium is ultralight and super strong; it is eco-friendly, biocompatible and bacteria inhibitive; it is also extraordinarily hypoallergenic and exceptionally corrosion-resistant.

Certainly this ultra-light multifunctional pressure cooker is a perfect solution for outdoor common cooking problem, such as undercooking, scorching and bottom-sticking, etc., especially in high altitude regions with low pressure and lack of oxygen. This pressure cooker is tough, eco-friendly, ultra-light, multifunctional. It serves healthy, perfectly cooked food for both new outdoor adventurers and seasoned professionals anywhere, every time.



Material:Pure Titanium, No.304 stainless hang wire, silicone tube



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1 .本产品可以用柴火、 燃气等明火及电热炉、 电磁炉等设备加热。

2.钛独有的特性在产品烹煮前就可以根据食材或个人喜好加入食盐或其他调料。 (非钛材质的炊具,在烹任前加入食盐、调料需慎重)


1.产品上的米标位是个参考数据, 不同的大米会有差异, 第一次使用时以中等米量为佳。

2.水位线是个参考数据, 与产品使用的环境和不同的大米有关, 第一次使用时水量可以增大一点。

3.烹煮时,火焰不宜过大,水烧开后调小火焰,保证有蒸气产生即可,一次蒸煮大概1 5~25分钟, 按不同环境把握时间,要确保锅内的水不能烧干。



How to use


1.The cooker can be heated over a flame as well as on an induction, gas or electric cooktop.

2.The unique characteristics of titanium make it safe to add salt and flavoring to your liking before cooking.

3.Add rice to the desired amount.

4.Add water slowly and let it migrate through the rice and drip into the outer pot. Keep filling until you get the right water level. Wait half minute and check the water level again. Add a little bit more water if it is needed.

5.Both water level indicator and rice indicator are for general guide only. Adjust amounts of both rice and water accordingly for different types of rice.

6.Place the cooker over medium heat until boiling. Then turn to low and keep heating for 15 - 25 minutes. Cooking time varies with altitude. Do not boil dry.

7.This cooker is multifunctional. It can be used not only to cook rice, boil water and make soup, but also to steam and stir fry meat and vegetables.