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Keith Titanium co.,Ltd.
♦Keith brand positioning in the high-end kitchen ware
♦ Families cut yi industrial co., LTD. Was established in 2001, committed to the design, production, sales of high-quality titanium products ;
♦ In 2004 started to enter the high-end meal kitchen utensils manufacturing
♦ In 2005, research and development of titanium metal products processing ;
 Keith armor, brand, established in 2006, located in high-end kitchen utensils; Through the research and development and innovation, has developed a series of outdoor products
♦ OEM production began in 2008, developed into many international well-known brand products supplier, authorized the production and research and development partners.
♦ In 2010 to ODM manufacturing;
♦Restructuring in 2011 the brand image, to carry out the armoured titanium outdoor brand series in the Chinese market sales, open the Chinese outdoor market from now on.
♦2015 armoured brand company was founded in the United States, professional brand positioning the international high quality titanium products
In 2016, Foshan armoured titanium technology co., LTD. Is foundedArmoured are constantly used products excellent quality sound :
Keith Titanium
Armoured for titanium manufacture of healthy environmental protection ,
Let China manufacturing titanium degrees to change the world 。

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